Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Up Five Ghetto Notches"

A week ago we turned on the TV.

Sound came out.

No picture.

Currently our TV is nothing more than an immensely large speaker. Immensely.

So I will have to get a new one, some time. But, well, there just isn't time right this moment. I mentioned the situation to my coworker, Jodi, and she offered an extra TV they had sitting in their garage as a fill in.

I happily accepted the offer and brought home the TV the other night. Not able to do with the old one yet, I set the borrowed set on a small table in front of the old one. Then I went to hook it up.

But here's the thing. The borrowed set only has a mono audio plug in. And I only have a stereo audio cable.

So, as a solution, we improvised. Currently the video cable is going into the borrowed set. The audio cables, then, are going into that massive video-less speaker sitting behind it.

Christine laughed at me. And then she declared that our apartment just went up five ghetto notches.

But hey, we both appreciate that we've got a TV.

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