Monday, December 20, 2010

If only it were Euchre...

Playing "cahds" a time-honored family tradition, passed down from a bunch of MKs on one side and an adopted uncle nicknamed "Bones" on the other, is something I miss when I'm not at home. I just don't get the opportunity to play much when I'm not with my family.

The primo game in our repertoire was introduced by my not-sister-in-law Katrina when she married in: Hand and Foot - or, as I like to call it, "Hoof and Mouth." We're rather particular about our rules for the game, and rules that deviate from ours are promptly labeled "Cheater rules."

It's a good game, and tonight was pretty competitive until the final hand, when Dad decided to finish off in style, and it has introduced words and phrases into my vocabulary which have now become normal, such as:

Befooted - the state of being in one's foot, rather than one's hand
[said with scorn]: "Dirty Queen!"
and, last, but not least,
"Red three. Very bad."

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