Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December - and Photos

I haven't done much photography of my own in the past couple of years. I sort of overdosed in AK, and then had to recover for a while. But this fall I've been taking more and more shots for work, and trying to get my artistic eye back in gear.

When I saw this referenced on my friend's blog, I decided it would be a challenge, and would force me to write more, too, and I should take part. So here I am, posting my first series in The December Photo Project.

After a chilly, drab, day marked by torrential downpours of rain - very November-ish - I decided I needed to get back into the Christmas spirit with some shots of the tree:

Then I saw the olive wood nativity, and the ornaments, and found I needed to get a little closer.

December Photo Project

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