Sunday, December 05, 2010

Crazy, Small-Town Parades

I thought that the small-town parade had been left behind me in Glennallen when I moved here from Alaska - really, who could compete with the shutting down of a main highway for 45 minutes at the height of tourist season so that the Electric Company and Parks Service can drive big trucks down the road and throw candy to the crowd.

But Newtown almost compares. There is a whole lot of character - and a bunch of characters, too.


  1. Small town, even if it is the suburbs, America is pretty neat. In Lancaster County the parades are part of the annual fall "farm show" each town hosts. In New Holland the parade starts at 7 pm and isn't over until after 10!

    We were surprised Sat on our drive to church to find Main Street closed. Oops, didn't read the newspaper thoroughly enough. It was Christmas on Main -- caroling, concerts, carriage rides and free hot chocolate!

    I love living in a small town!

  2. Very fun. I missed it this year! I love small town stuff.


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