Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ticket Stubs

Christine (bless her - wonderful roomie who mailed me the negatives I forgot so that I could work on a scanning project over break) gave me a "ticket stub album" for Christmas.

For a while now, basically since college, I've kept my ticket stubs when I go to movies and shows. I've tossed them into a little box in a drawer, thinking someday I'd do something with them.

Well, this delightful person paid attention to that, and found me "something" to do with them...

I began to organize them this evening when I got home (HOME, to Michigan!), and just had to stop and think for a moment about the experience of movie going. I read somewhere once that movies should be watched in theatres because you get a community experience that you just can't replicate even in the best living room set-up.

Sure, I could look at all these stubs and say, "gee whiz, that was money I could have used elsewhere." But, rather, I look at them and think, "Oh, that was the time I was sitting between Natey and Paul when they wanted to talk about football during Remember the Titans" or "Oh! That's the movie Loren and Kraig and I went to the first time they left Keren with the grands after she was born."

I look at these stubs, and more than anything, I remember the people I saw the movies with. Hmm...maybe movies really are about community.

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