Monday, April 27, 2009

A few random thoughts...and American Idol

Random thought # 1 - The cheese factor of signs in front of churches bewilders me. Is it really helpful to have a ridiculous saying like "Now open between Easter and Christmas!" on your sign? Does it bring people into the church? Oh, and how 'bout the one that I saw the other week: "Come early to get a seat in the back." Was that supposed to be funny, or just insulting to the regular congregation?

Random thought # 2 - On Monday evening I had one of the three worst airplane landings I've ever had. In a rainstorm. It was bad. I'll spare you the gory details, but it was gross, too. I sometimes wonder why I like flying. Is it really worth the headache of takeoff and landing?

Okay, there are the random thoughts I've had today. Now onto American Idol.

I haven't said much about AI this season, mostly because, though I've been following it, I haven't been enthralled by it. But, now that it's down to the homestretch, I thought I'd put down a few words about the remaining contestants.

Comments (in no particular order):

Allison - I like her. She's a great singer, and a solid performer. Of all the girls in all the seasons I've watched, she and Brooke White are probably the only two that I've really rooted for. So, there you have it. And I think Simon was being ridiculous the other week when he made some comment about her not being likeable. She's totally likeable!

Danny - I never really got into him. I didn't ever love him or hate him. There was all sorts of controversy early on about him using his dead wife as a pity thing, but I was just kinda "meh" the whole time. He's got a pretty good voice, but there's very little about his performances that make him stand out.

Adam - I will never have anything bad to say about his voice. The boy can sing. It's amazing to listen to the control and capability he has with his vocal chords. That said, he's kinda boring. He seems to have only two modes: manic and maudlin. One week he plays manic, the next he plays maudlin, then back to manic, then to maudlin again. Sure, no matter which mode he's in the vocals are great, but I would like to see some shades of grey in there.

Kris - He's been my favorite since the very start of the semifinals. Part of that is style preference; give me a boy with his guitar any day over the screeching rock stars or R&B soul singers. But generally, Kris has put in solid performance after solid performance, barely missing a step the whole way along, with good vocals, original arrangements, creative song choices, and great musicianship.

Matt - I've tried to like Matt more than I do. I mean, he's from Michigan, I think my friend knows him, he's kinda cool. I like him, just not tons. Probably it's because he falls into the R&B soul singer category, at least in the eyes of the show, if not in his own. I was glad to see him saved, if only because he certainly deserved to outlast Lil, but he's never completely hooked me.

My Rankings (from least favorite to favorite):

5. Adam
4. Danny
3. Matt
2. Allison
1. Kris

My Prediction (of the order they'll fall in)

5. Matt (could be 4)
4. Allison (could be 5)
3. Danny
2. Kris
1. Adam

It's kinda sad, really. I don't think Adam should win, simply because he hasn't shown range, only extremes. I think Danny should certainly go before Allison, but I doubt that will happen. Actually, I think Matt should outlast Danny because at least Matt has taken risks and tried new things, but for some reason Danny seems to be untouchable. Maybe it's some big fanbase in Madison, WI.

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