Sunday, February 01, 2009

For Keren - September 27, 2002-January 28, 2009

My Psalm

Written after the birth of Keren Elyse Warnemuende, born September 27, 2002 with Trisomy 18 Syndrome. Dedicated to her, my beloved neice, who is herself the loudest voice in the silent testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness.

The silent voices which praise You, Lord
The silent testimony of Your faithfulness
If we are faithless, He will remain faithful
For He cannot deny Himself.

The hundreds hear Your voice through the silence
The many see Your hand in the blind
Those who cannot speak sing Your praises
The still ones minister for You.
A withered hand is Your creation still
A laboured breath is perfect
For You designed it so.

My table is full; the blessings are here.
These ones have moved my life.
The ones You have given me have been my life.
But those who look from above
See me, too
Those who stand behind, silently smiling
Speak words of Your love
Show marks of Your faithfulness

The scars on my heart are healed by Your hand
The pain I feel is slight
Your suffering made a path – led the way
And now I hope.
There will be a day when all are joined together
A banquet feast will be prepared
And we will see the Lamb, and He will show us
The ones we loved and lost while here on earth
Who for now are silent voices to praise You, Lord.

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